Ayurvedic doctor's office

Sri Lanka: I saw an Ayurvedic doctor

Soon after arriving in Sri Lanka, I was not feeling well. Am not sure if it was stress from being away from home, stress from various work-related situations, or if my body was just sicker in a strange land. At any rate, I thought this a good opportunity to visit the local medicine man. After…

Buddhist Temple Welcome Center

Sri Lanka: An Ancient Buddhist Temple

For Hajj, two weeks of Saudi Arabia’s biggest annual holiday, there is not much to do. So, I looked for another place to go. Long selection story short, I wanted to go somewhere lush and green. One of my colleagues suggested Sri Lanka. I looked at it, looked into it, and decided it was perfect.…

A Saudi Arabia Corporate Office

Saudi Arabia: Why I’m here

I can’t believe it has been two weeks since my last post! The most common question I have gotten, when I speak with anybody from outside of Saudi, is, “Why are you in Saudi Arabia?” My purpose here hasn’t been a huge secret, but I wanted to get into a flow, before sharing. Simply put,…

Gluten free breakfast

Why I went Gluten Free

Ten months ago, I chose to go gluten free. First, I want to dispel some common questions that I have heard: No, I don’t have Celiac disease. No, I am not a trending hipster. Do I look like I’m from Williamsburg? No, I don’t need to lose weight. I suppose there are dozens of reasons…

Kingdom Tower

Saudi Arabia: After Settling In

So I’ve been over a week in Saudi Arabia. After settling in, it took several days to adapt to local time. Constant air conditioning is giving me a headache. I feel a little worn down, and plan to take two days to just lay low. Here are more irreverent, random observations of Riyadh, and oh…

Riyadh Airport

Saudi Arabia: First Impression

Well, the seas parted, and they let me into the country. Honestly that alone was an accomplishment. By far the most difficult visa procurement I have been through. Although I heard some other countries are more difficult. The above image greeted me as I stepped out of the Riyadh airport gate. Really not bad.

Saudi Arabia, Here I Come!

Saudi Arabia, Here I Come! Two weeks in advance, I bought a plane ticket to Saudi Arabia. I will reveal my reasons in due time. But, I will say that it has been over two years since I’ve taken an international trip, and I miss it terribly. Ever since 2004, I have taken a major…